Formulated by combining the strength of individual botanical to provide your skin with the necessary care without burdening it with unnecessary synthetic substances. Instead of adding anything to make our products stand out, we stripped down our formulation to their most essential, natural active ingredients beneficial for your skin.

Go Pure


Beside a minimalist formula that is effective and nutrient-rich for your skin, product packaging is kept simple but thoughtfully chosen to protect and extend the shelf life of the natural product and the environment in mind. Staying true to our commitment to zero waste skincare, we have changed our packaging to black UV glass bottles with no outer box and paper tube containers for our waterless range. We will continue our effort to leave behind a lower carbon footprint.

Go Zero Waste


We use the highest quality natural and vegan ingredients beneficial to our skin; no synthetic chemicals, no synthetic fragrance, no synthetic color;


Go Natural
  • Vegan

    Vegan + Cruelty-free. Ingredients derived naturally from plants + botanicals.

  • Small Batches

    We handcrafted our products in small batches; made fresh every
    time, just for you.

  • Sustainable

    We are committed to zero to low waste company. We try our best to use recyclable materials and sustainable way of production. We may not be perfect, but you can be assured that we will keep trying.