Gua Sha

Gua Sha

Gua Sha, a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) technique, is being practised by many today. The facial Gua Sha technique is presently trending wildly in many TikTok videos recently. 

Gua Sha technique is not a new thing; its usage started in the Ming Dynasty and was used by the Chinese to alleviate pain and increase circulation and energy flow. 

It is also not unknown for most Singaporeans, as many seek this method to relieve several pain issues on their bodies. 

However, Facial Gua Sha is somewhat new to some. Many are afraid that they would experience the same pain and bruising associated with body Gua thus shun away from this healthy facial routine.

So, what are the benefits of facial Gua Sha, and is it painful?

No! facial Gua Sha is not painful, and on the contrary, it is a very relaxing and calming routine. It is packed full of natural benefits for our face and even our emotional being. There have been so many Chinese studies proving its efficacy. Only recently, American researchers are beginning to publish their findings on this.


Promote blood circulation

In Chinese medicine, the transportation of vital energy and blood nourishes and warms up the human body. Stimulation from scraping can adjust blood vessels' expansion and contraction, thus enhancing blood supply in related areas to improve blood circulation all over the body. The Tai Yin meridians (the lung and spleen) and Yang Ming meridians (the large intestines and the stomach) are major meridians of our body. When we scrape our facial skin with the gua sha tool, we stimulate our Yang Ming meridians. Thus, we are sending our body a signal that this area needs more blood circulation.

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles 

Gua Sha can help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but please note that it is only for gentle and newer fine lines. It may not "cure" or "heal" long-standing wrinkles. It is thus advisable for young adults to start the Gua Sha routine early to prevent such fine lines even to have any chance of appearing.  

Improves lymphatic function

Gua Sha can help to eliminate fluid build-up, thus reduce puffiness for the face.

Eases facial tension

By applying pressure with the gua sha tool, we can untangle areas where muscular tension builds. Due to our sitting posture, stress, anxiety, and some static facial expression like frowning face unknowingly may have caused this build-up of knotted areas. If we do not unravel these areas, it may cause many other issues to our faces and bodies in the future.

So what is the best gua sha tools to use?

There are many different shapes and sizes of Gua sha tools around, but the most important thing is considering a device that fits well in our hands. Pick something comfortable and not too complicated. Of course, the material of the tool varies too. Some will pick a certain kind of stone for a specific purpose. For example, quartz benefits the immune system, while the Chinese used jade to cool and purge the body of toxins.

Gua Sha technique may not deliver instant results than injectables like Botox and filler, but this is a more natural, painless, and gentle way of taking care of our skin health. With consistent and proper use of Gua sha we will surely see changes to our skin. To maintain this change, we need to practice daily or at least three times a week. It can be incorporated into our morning or into our night skincare routine. 

Here is a video sharing by our user Tiffany on her Gua Sha Routine.

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