What is TEWL?

What is TEWL?

Water loss or Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is the amount of water that passively evaporates through skin to the external environment.  It is not surprising that though we live in a hot and humid climate where TEWL should be at its minimum, many do suffer from TEWL due to long exposure in air-condition environment, and harsh skincare products.  Though I have oily skin I discover that lots of my blemishes were caused by this water loss.  We may think that we have oily skin thus no need for hydration or moisturizer, but it is the opposite.  Moisturizer is an essential step in our daily routine.  Applying daily moisturizer will help to restore our skin’s protective barrier and prevent water loss.

So, what are the tell-tale sign of TEWL?

When your skin loses too much water, you will start to see dryness, flakiness, dullness, itchiness, rough skin texture and visible fine lines.  TEWL is also the big culprit in inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and eczema.
Thus, applying daily moisturizer is not an option but a MUST.

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